Cannabuddy CBD Oil | About Us

We’re a team of writers and industry experts from around South Africa who are passionate about spreading information, news, and tips from our own experiences as long-time Cannabis users and cultivators.

We all have experience in various fields from growing Cannabis, to cooking with it, making extracts, using it medicinally and even breeding new strains. We’re excited to share our experience with the rest of South Africa in hopes of bringing educated excitement to the Cannabis Industry.

Our Vision

Cannabuddy aims to become one of the leading names for cannabis information and products in South Africa. Whether it be hemp, THC, or CBD, we will give you the latest scoop, ensuring that you are always up to date with the market.

Cannabuddy CBD Oil

What first started as purely a source of cannabis-related news and information, has grown into the Cannabuddy CBD Oil brand that you see today.

Although we are still working hard in the media fields, through our market research we were able to notice a distinct gap in the CBD oil market. We found that most of the currently available products were either inferior, downright dishonest, or extremely overpriced and that’s where we decided to step in.

By starting our own CBD oil, we aim to give the power back to the consumer. Instead of coping with unrealistic markups and poorly formulated extracts, at Cannabuddy you can ensure you are only getting the best.

We look forward to providing you with all your cannabis needs. Welcome to Cannabuddy!