Bongs For Sale, South Africa (2024)

The Bong is a quintessential accessory for any regular enjoyer of the many benefits of dagga. Just like stoners, they come in many different shapes, sizes, colours, and creative varieties.

While they do require differentiating amounts of attention in terms of cleaning and care, they can be a long-lasting and loyal addition to your cannabis collection.

Choosing a piece is no easy feat, especially since they can be quite expensive. To ensure you’re choosing the best bong for your buck, we’ve curated a list of our favourite bubblers available for cannabis-connoisseurs and collectors alike.

To learn more about the functionality and different kinds of bongs available, check out our guide to bongs for beginners.

Person smoking a glass bong among sunflowers

Best Bongs in South Africa – Reviewed

Although commonly associated with the “pot-head” trope, water pieces can be effective tools for both light tokers or medicinal smokers. With the water-cooling properties and extended design of a pipe, you get both the immediate effects as well as a smoother hit.

You’ll find an array of glass bongs in South Africa since they’re a crowd favourite. Especially those with the addition of percolators (or smoke filters), ice catchers and other design features which will get you an even cleaner pull.

Depending on your frequency of use, and well as your tendency to knock things over, you’ll need to consider what size and kind of materials would suit you best.

The Pyramid Glass Percolator Bong for sale in South Africa

The Pyramid Bong (Smokey Eyes)

Breaking the mould of the standard beaker-style bubbler, the Pyramid Bong is named for its square base which forms a pyramid-shaped smoke chamber.

Made out of thick transparent glass, it allows full view of the UFO percolator in action. An additional ice-pinch brings your smoking experience to a new height with maximum filtration, cooling and additional visibility and stability.

Standing just over 30cm tall, this piece comes with a 14mm female bowl and downpipe which are both replaceable should you want to customise it even further. If not, these pieces are easy to remove and clean for easy and ongoing enjoyment.

Intricate Glass Bong with showerhead percolator

Intricate Glass Bong (Smokey Eyes)

Don’t be fooled by this work of art’s dainty good looks. The Intricate Glass Bong is aptly named after its artistic details and curvaceous body. Its sleek and elegant design doesn’t compromise space for the smoke to travel through before reaching the mouthpiece.

While this piece is definitely one for a growing collection, it’s as functional as it is beautiful. Its swan-like neck is only 16mm long, however, it’s curved in a way which cools the smoke above the four limbs which make up the showerhead percolator.

The accompanying 14mm female bowl is detachable and has its own smoke chamber made of clear glass with colour coordinated grips for added showmanship. Whether you’re buying it for its aesthetics or its functionality, this gorgeous glass bong is guaranteed to give you a smooth and stylish hit.

Mini Handmade Glass Bong

Mini Handmade Bong (The High Co)

While there are benefits to elongated piece’s, there is nothing quite like a full-bodied, dizzying hit from a stout little bong that means business. This 14cm tall Mini Handmade Bong is made with thick glass that’s sturdy and easy to clean. It’s travel-sized, knock-proof and incredibly effective.

The bowl is disproportionately large for its chamber, making it a literal one-hit-wonder. Although the inhale is admittedly harsher than a larger apparatus, if you get the water level right you’ll have enough filtration from (preferably) ice water.

Large Handmade Glass Bong

Large Handmade Bong (The High Co)

If you’re not sold on the power-hit of a mini toker, you don’t have to settle. The Large Handmade Bong consists of all the perks of it’s, albeit perc-less, mini counterpart. It’s glass body and male downpipe are separated and both detachable.

Standing at a height of 42cm, and made from thick handmade glass, this weighty glass piece is less discreet and more of a centrepiece.

It’s significantly more affordable than most glass alternatives its size and delivers a powerful hit. It’s not a fussy bong and easy to clean. It’s also durable and comes in a totally unique design.

DAGGA Lung Buster 1.2m Glass Bong

Lung Buster Bong (Smokey Eyes)

If 42cm isn’t quite tall enough for you, then let us present to you the humble DAGGA Lung Buster 1.2m Glass Bong. This cannabis legend is must-have for any 420 festivities, be it as a party prop or an end-of-the-workweek treat.

Wherever you choose to enjoy this beast, it will be at your own risk, as it definitely is not for the faint-hearted. Aside from the fact that you might need a friend to help you smoke this monster, it’s actually an impressively smooth pull and flavour. The body is made from thick durable glass, as is the bowl and downstem which are easily replaceable.

Don’t be fooled by the smooth delivery from this beast. This is a bong that hits you back. You’ll have to take a few drags to get the milky smoke from the floor to your face. Once you do, however, prepare to meet the highest version of yourself.

Collapsable, Food Grade Silicone Bong

Collapsible Silicone Bong (The High Co)

While glass pieces definitely offer a premium smoking experience, even the strongest glass is at risk of breaking, cracking or chipping. If you’re wanting to make your smoking sessions mobile, you’re going to have to make a choice between your bong having a long life and having a good life.

With this transportable Collapsible Silicone Bong, however, you no longer need to make this paranoia-inducing decision. Simply keep your glass pieces at home and this bad boy in the car or a bag, and you’ll never miss another 420-opportunity again.

The steel downpipe and screw-on bowl are solid and easy to clean, while small enough to be pretty much hidden in the silicone when it’s folded up. This food-grade silicone is more squish-able than collapsable, so you may want to keep something to tie it up when it’s folded to maintain its small travel size.

Person smoking a glass bong

Final Thoughts On Buying Bongs in South Africa

Water pipes, bubblers, art pieces – whatever you call them, bongs are versatile tools to have in your inventory.

Many local tokers will confirm that choosing the right piece can be a great investment. This is especially if you enjoy the fast effects of smoking pipes paired with cooling effects of bubbling water.

To save yourself the disappointment of a poorly made product, you’ll want to carefully consider your purchase before committing.

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