Can You Give Cats CBD Oil? | Risks, Benefits, & Dosage

Cannabidiol (CBD) as an effective wellness trend is getting quite the buzz. It has helped many people with their mental and physical health issues. So much that it has many cat owners considering; can cats take CBD oil?

Cats can develop mobility issues, weak immune systems, and anxiety issues throughout their lives. CBD for pets is something many fur parents are using to make their babies’ lives a little easier. But is this safe?

There are many sites with big words and contradicting information, so here’s a simple guideline with everything you need to know about cats and CBD.


Can Cats Have CBD?

Yes! Cats can have CBD. CBD works in cats the same way as it does with humans, by interacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS helps regulate many functions in our body, from mood and sleep to appetite. CBD stimulates the ECS and positively influences physical and mental processes.

Now don’t get too excited. There is still a lot more you need to know if you consider this treatment.

Benefits of CBD For Cats

Now that you know that CBD can safely have CBD, it’s time to understand how it can affect them. People use CBD to help with their anxiety, regulate their sleep patterns, and other medical issues.

CBD can help cats with the following:

  • Soothing pain
  • Alleviating stress
  • Inflammation
  • Suppress seizures
  • Urinary tract issues
  • Arthritis

You can also use CBD oil for cat spraying and many people use it for cats with anxiety. CBD is not psychoactive. As long as you carefully monitor their dosage, your cat should be safe.


How Can I Give My Cat CBD?

It is well-known that giving your cat general medication is not easy, you’re probably wondering how cats can even have CBD. Cats and CBD may sound like a weird combination, but there are many options on how to get it safely into your cats’ diet.

CBD products come in many forms. These are:

CBD oil is the most used form of CBD and is noted to be more effective because of how easy it is to control the dose. It also has longer-lasting effects because of how it metabolises.

While it is generally safe for cats, experts recommend lowering the dosage in the case of any side effects.


Dosage of CBD for Cats

The amount of CBD that you give your cat has to be monitored closely. Cats are much smaller than humans and only need a small amount of CBD for it to be effective. Similarly, the dosage of CBD for older cats differs from the dose of CBD oil for kittens; it is best to note this difference.

Packaging may give dosage directions, but we recommend starting with a lower dosage and monitoring your cat’s reaction. Slowly increase the amount until you are satisfied with your cats’ health improvement. CBD drops for cats are the best way to do this process.

All cats are different in terms of weight and metabolism. You should be working in milligrams and nothing more.

We recommend speaking to your vet about a personalised dosage of CBD for your cat.


How to Get Cats to Take CBD Oil

When giving your cat CBD oil, you can use the following methods:

  • Mix it in with cat food
  • Rub on the tips of your cat’s ears
  • Apply it into their mouth with a dropper

Many pet owners also like to use a CBD pill for cats, but some cats may refuse to swallow it or eat around it if hidden in food. CBD tinctures for cats are not advised as cats cannot consume alcohol safely.

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Cats

It may be tempting to take the most affordable CBD product for your cat, but this could be dangerous. Rather pay extra on a product that you know is safe and effective. You love your cat and want the best for them.

High-quality CBD products can be found at trusted suppliers, and you can identify them in the following ways.

  • Well-labelled products with all the information and ingredients written on them
  • Organic CBD products with no harmful additives or extra colourants
  • Transparent and knowledgeable suppliers with credible information on their websites.


Final Thoughts On CBD for Cats

Knowing what you want to do but not knowing how to do it is exceptionally frustrating, especially when it comes to the health of our cats, who have a particular part in our families.

You can use this guideline to make an informed decision on whether you can give your cat CBD. We know your feline friend’s safety comes first; that’s why you are even considering this addition to their wellness plan.

A good combination of high-quality cat CBD products and careful dosage and administration should get your cat in better health and temperament.


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