Finding your Ideal Cannabis Oil Dosage

Let’s face it – with no legal way for South Africans to purchase Cannabis Oil at this point in time, it’s tough to know what you’re getting, and how strong it is. We’ve heard too many stories of people eating entire tubes of hash oil thinking that it was a single dose – an experience one would surely never forget.

In this article, we’re going to discuss and explore dosing around Cannabis Oil. We’re dealing with the intoxicating, Rick-Simpson-style, eat it or dab it on your joint-style cannabis oil; not CBD. Since it’s incredibly intoxicating, unlike its CBD counterpart, it’s important to get your dose right so you don’t end up with one of those stories.

While regulation is scarce and most of us making our own cannabis oil don’t have access to laboratory testing to determine percentages and contents; there are still a number of methods to determine firstly how strong the oil is, and secondly how much one should dose at a time.

This bit of bud between three and five grams could be reduced to as little as 1-2ml of liquid oil.

How much Flower is in a gram of cannabis oil?

This is a really difficult question to answer – mainly because everyone making it will have slight differences in both the process and the materials they have on hand to make the oil. As such, it’s quite impossible to say with certainty how much flower is in a gram of oil.

The general yield seems to be around 3-4g of oil from an ounce (28g) of cannabis flower. Trim and cuttings would likely yield slightly less. It depends, however, on how many times the plant is washed in solvent, how long the solution is purged for, and a number of other factors.

However, it is surprisingly easier to determine the level of THC in cannabis oil. Most solvent-based extracts have a THC content of anywhere from 60-90%.

Say, for example, you have 1g of oil with a THC content of roughly 75%. This means that you have around 750mg of THC in the oil. With a starter dose of THC clocking in at 1-5mg, and the agreed upon common dose being 10mg, this is a lot of THC. As such, a beginner dose at this level would be around 5-10mg of oil.

This becomes a problem, as it’s quite nearly impossible to section out 5mg of THC oil. It would stick to a scale, even if you happened to have one accurate enough to measure such a dose, and you’d more than likely lose some or gain some in the process of weighing it.

As a result, there are a number of workarounds and methods to correct for errors when dosing THC in such minute amounts. Let’s take a look at some of them.

An extract or dab vape is one of the easiest ways to microdose a highly concentrated extract.

Deciding How Much Cannabis Oil to Use

The general rule of thumb, if new to Cannabis Oil and using it for pain management / sleep, is to start with an amount around the size of a grain of rice, or half that if you want to err on the side of caution.

You can easily measure this out onto a cracker or jellybean and eat it without much issue. Due to the way cannabis works when digested, it’ll take anywhere between 30-90 minutes until you start to feel stoned, and could take a couple of hours to reach its peak. As such, it’s a good idea to try your first dose on a day where you have nothing to do that day, nor the day after (just in case).

For a more immediate effect, where you can tell quite quickly if you’re getting enough of a dose, you can roll a joint using some hash oil. Simply heat a knife with a lighter, and put the same rice grain-sized dot on it. Then, spread the dot along a rolling paper (in a thin line, on the inside) using the hot knife. Roll a joint or spliff using this paper, and smoke it bit by bit to see how it affects you.

One rice grain-sized drop of hash oil can be equivalent to a joint’s worth of potent bud.

Do note, however, that eating cannabis oil will likely have longer lasting effects. Due to this, smoking would be better suited to ailments or issues such as nausea, appetite loss or stress where immediate effect is required; whereas eating the oil would be far more appropriate for sleep or pain issues.

High Dose Dagga Oil Side Effects

Now, no matter how many precautions you take, or measuring you do, there’s always the chance of a nasty experience if you dose too high. It’s important to understand what this feels like, and what might happen, so you can best treat it and nip the paranoia in the bud.

Firstly, no one has ever died because of cannabis consumption, ever. It’s impossible for cannabis to kill you, however you can ‘overdose’ in the sense of taking way too much – and at this point it’s very likely, thanks to your altered state, that it will feel as if you’re dying.

Your heart rate will increase and you’ll start to sweat, you may feel nauseous or even throw up, and you’re likely to be having some level of paranoid delusions about why you’re intoxicated or about the experience you’re going through.

The best way to counteract these thoughts is to find some nice food (since eating will help start flushing the THC out of your system, beginning your come down), find something comforting to watch or a friend to talk to for distraction, and best of all, head to bed. If you’re too high, the easiest way to deal with it is to simply sleep it off. It’s also recommended to dose CBD in reaction to an intense THC high, as CBD regulates and reduces the effects of THC on the mind.

And with that, we’re going to leave you with this hilarious video from Lifehacker about what to do if you’re too high:


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