Cannabuddy CBD Oil Test Results

At Cannabuddy we pledge to always provide accurate information and up-to-date test results. On this page, we have listed all the COAs (Certificate of Analysis) relevant to our Cannabuddy product range. According to product standards, these results should be within 20% of the specified dosage.

This page will be updated according to new batch numbers. You can match the batch number on your Cannabuddy product to the batch numbers listed here.

Cannabuddy Product Range

These test results are grouped according to our different products for your convenience.

Cannabuddy 600mg Sleep CBD Oil



Cannabuddy 600mg Isolate CBD Oil



Cannabuddy 300mg Pet CBD Oil



Why Are the Tests Done by Different Companies?

If you have been using our products for a while, you may have noticed that the testing companies we use have changed. This is to better align ourselves with the latest CBD standards in South Africa.

At the time of writing, NAFS (National Analytical Forensic Services) is the only SAHRPA-approved CBD testing company.

Are Previous Tests Accurate?

Yes. The test results provided by other companies are still valid. It is only due to the current accreditation status that this change was made.

Any Questions?

Do you have any questions regarding the above-listed products or about any other CBD or cannabis products available in South Africa?

First, check through our blog to see if we haven’t already answered your question, and then feel free to contact us ( for any further inquiries.

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