Buying CBD Oil at Dischem (Pure CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, Price)

If you’re looking for CBD oil, local pharmacies stock a variety of brands, doses and even some topical oil-based products. One of South Africa’s top pharmacies, Dischem, stocks CBD Oil from six different brands.

With over a hundred stores throughout South Africa, and an online website, getting CBD oil is as easy as going to the pharmacy.

CBD oil can be used to treat several ailments, so it’s no wonder you can buy it from the pharmacy. It can help with stress, sleep and has even been used to relieve symptoms of chemotherapy. CBD oil has also been very popular in treating anxiety.

CBD Dagga oil generally comes in a 10ml, 15ml, 20ml or 30ml bottle. However, the size of the bottle isn’t what’s important when purchasing CBD oil. The amount of CBD contained in the bottle is usually clearly displayed (usually in milligrams), and this is the number you want to focus on.

cbd oil eyedropper

Do I need pure CBD Oil from Dischem?

The amount of CBD you should take depends on what condition you are treating, as well as your body weight. The more milligrams contained in a bottle of CBD oil, the stronger each drop will be.

You must take the appropriate dosage to avoid any unwanted side effects. If you’re just starting with CBD oil, it’s better to start with a smaller dosage and increase it slowly. The legal limit in South Africa for taking CBD without a prescription is 20mg per day, so be sure not to exceed that limit.

If you’re looking for 100% cannabis oil or higher concentrations of CBD oil in South Africa, Dischem might not be the place for you. Many online websites offer up to 3000mg of CBD in their oils.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil at Dischem

You can buy both CBD and hemp seed oil at Dischem, but what is the difference?

CBD Oil is created using the entire cannabis plant while hemp oil is made using the seeds of the plant. Hemp oil contains very little or no CBD, but is high in protein and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. If you want to benefit from the therapeutic properties of CBD, CBD oil is the way to go.

CBD Oil Dischem Price

Dischem CBD Oil prices range from R300 to R1000 depending on the CBD dosage in the oil. Currently, they offer a variety of CBD oils from different manufacturers. They stock brands such as HEMP Oil, ReThink CBD and Elixinol.

Below are the prices and CBD contents of Dischem’s CBD oil:

HEMP Oil/ HEMP Extract

hemp oil dischem

HEMP Oil/Extract is developed in the Netherlands and distributed by Coyne Pharmaceuticals. Each bottle contains around 200 vanilla flavoured CBD drops. They used a full cannabinoid spectrum extract that preserves the beneficial qualities of the plant. Their products can be purchased online or from Dischem/Clicks and other health stores.

Size: 10ml

CBD: 100mg-400mg

Price: R294.95-R844.95

Releaf CBD Oil

releaf cbd oil

Releaf CBD oil comes in two different strengths that support health maintenance and enhancement. Their oils have been specially formulated to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as assisting with sleep and easing anxiety. Their products are available from most major pharmacies as well as in some online stores.

Size: 15ml

CBD: 250mg-600mg

Price: R499.95-R699.95


cannabex cbd oil

Cannabex offers oil made of pure, internationally sourced CBD. They sell their products online as well as in Clicks and Dischem. If you’re looking for a more topical CBD approach, they sell muscle and joint cream, as well as a tissue repair cream too.

Size: 15ml

CBD: 450mg

Price: R799.95

Rethink CBD

Rethink offers a variety of different products that are available from DisChem. They have products specially formulated for specific needs such as sleep, digestion and energy as well as a daily CBD oil.

Size: 30ml

CBD: 150mg-600mg

Price: R399.95-R699.95












This CBD oil comes in a few different sizes and flavours. You’ll be able to choose from their natural, cinnamint or citrus twist flavours. Their Hemp Oil Tincture is one of the purest CBD oils available. If oils aren’t your style, they also offer CBD capsules and a natural hemp balm.

Size: 30ml

CBD: 100mg-300mg

Price: R395.00-R695.00

Check Price: Elixinol Natural 300mg

Can I only get CBD Oil at Dischem?

Dischem is not the only place to get your hands on CBD oil. Both Clicks and Dischem stock a few brands but there is a much larger selection online. Below are some of the best shops to buy CBD oil online in South Africa.



CBD Oil africanpure

Africanpure offers CBD Oil for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re struggling with pain, stress or sleep, Africanpure has a product for you (and your pets).

Their products are available online as well as at leading pharmacies and health stores such as Alphapharm and Wellness Warehouse. You can also find their oils on the CBD pizzas at Col’Cacchio.

Size: 30ml

CBD: 600mg-1500mg

Price: R745.00-R1595.00

Check Price: AfricanPure Everyday CBD Oil



Goodleaf sells CBD oil in two different sizes. Their stores stock CBD oil in Cape Town, Pretoria or Johannesburg, otherwise you can order online.

Their online store offers a variety of CBD oil topicals such as a relief roller, aftersun and body wash. If you’re feeling thirsty, they also stock CBD infused sparkling water.

Size: 30ml

CBD: 1000mg-1500mg

Price: R1195.00-R1595.00

Check Price: Goodleaf CBD Drops 1000mg


Heliolife is a family-owned company that has a passion for plant chemistry and human well-being.

They offer CBD oil for calmness, balance and control. It’s great for treating pain and inflammation. They make use of EU-origin hemp extract to ensure the best quality.

Size: 10ml

CBD: 400mg-1000mg

Price: R500.00-R1000.00

Check Price: Heliolife CBD Oil


The Hemp Co

The Hemp Co is a Durban based company that stocks a variety of CBD products. Whether you’re looking for CBD oils, cream or capsules CBD capsules, The Hemp Co has it all.

What makes them unique is that their CBD oils come in multiple flavours including strawberry and vanilla.

Size: 20ml-30ml

CBD: 200mg-600mg

Price: R460.00-R690.00

CBD Oil South Africa

cbd oil south africa

Buying CBD oil at Dischem is just one of many options available in South Africa. There are numerous online stores as well as physical shops that you can go to for your CBD oil needs. CBD oil is also not the only way to enjoy cannabis. If you are a fan of vaping, then why not try out these South Africa dry herb vaporizers which can be bought from many great online stores.

If you’re looking for more concentrated oils, or oils for pets, then you might not be satisfied with what Dischem has to offer, however looking online is definitely your best bet when looking for CBD oil in South Africa. 

  1. Is there a cbd product that could help Essential Tremor?

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      The best would be to consult a doctor about a CBD product that can assist you, as they will be able to advise you what the pros and cons will be for you when using the product with your specific condition.

      Good luck, we hope you find something that works for you!

  2. I got multi sckleroses, what will been suggested for me for treatment with CBD

    • Hi there!

      You would need to consult your doctor on what would work best to assist in your treatment and to make sure that the CBD and your medication can work together.

      We hope you find a product that works for you!

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  4. […] Buying CBD Oil at Dischem (Pure CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, Price) […]

  5. […] Buying CBD Oil at Dischem (Pure CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, Price) […]

  6. […] Buying CBD Oil at Dischem (Pure CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, Price) […]

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