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Using CBD vape juice is just another way of reaping the benefits of the cannabinoids produced in Cannabis. These liquids are also known as CBD e-juice and CBD liquid.

Smoking the CBD isolate vape reduces the risk of deadly toxins entering the body and gives the user a great experience through the varieties of tastes. There is a juice for everyone, from high CBD content to a mango burst sensation of flavour. What’s great about these CBD vapes is that they are a fun way to consume CBD without needing to opt for a traditional cannabis oil in South Africa.

We have done the research for you and came up with the best CBD oil vape additive so you don’t have to. Keep reading to discover the best e-juice in South Africa.

Cannabinoid Oil Vape and How to Dose It

Vaping is classified as inhaling and vaporizing oils that have been heated up to high temperatures in order to acquire natural benefits infused in the CBD oils. CBD oils can be inhaled via a CBD vape or vape pen. By taking in CBD oil this way, you won’t get high but rather experience the benefits of sorely the CBD oil. Most CBD oils are THC free or contain less than 0,3% trace amounts, therefore not inclusive of the compound that gives one a high.

CBD oils can be taken to reduce symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and pain. Relaxing and calming the user. Below is a CBD cannabis oil dosage chart, that should be used as a guideline only.

30-70KG 70-110KG 110KG +
Low dosage 12mg 18mg 22,5mg
Medium dosage 15mg 22,5mg 30mg
High dosage 18mg 27mg 45mg


Top view of weed on table

Image by Terre di Cannabis on Unsplash

5 Best E-Juices in South Africa

Listed below are the best CBD Vape juices and the best flavours. Ranging from Passionfruit on Ice to Tropical Popsicle. There is a juice for all CBD users, whether you’re looking for a mild or hefty CBD dose, nicotine rush or not. Even just some funky flavours to try some new tricks with your CBD vapor and vape pen, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to be taken through important factors when choosing your vape juice. Like environmental friendliness of the companies, whether the juices are vegan, their prices, CBD quantity and bottle size.

Note: You can also check out what CBD oils Dischem has available.

Wild Hemp – Green Vape Juice

Wild Hemp’s CBD oils are known for being distilled into the purest CBD isolate and having 0% THC. The product is infused with vegetable oil and hemp-extracted CBD, making it vegan and organic.

All Wild Hemp’s products are laboratory-tested to ensure safety and potency. Making this one of the best 500mg CBD vape juice. This particular CBD vapor doubles in strengths to their 250mg CBD green haze oil.

Whether you are looking for something that is great to use after a busy day and will help you relax in the evening, look no further. This vape juice can be inhaled or vaped and even enjoyed over food and beverages.

  • 500mg
  • R450.00
  • 60ml

Wild vape green vape juice

Wild Help Green Haze – Virescent

Koi CBD Vape Juice

Koi strives to achieve a balance between health and fun through their brand and products. This CBD oil is known for it’s pure and powerful CBD that helps you live a happy, healthy life. The Tropical Popsicle Koi CBD juice is perfect for the summertime or even just summer lovers.

The flavour is cool when inhaled due to the menthol of the mint. Other notes such as cherries, lime and exotic raspberries add to the vibrant taste experience. This CBD juice is 100% natural CBD and in line with the Koi standard, full traceability from the start of extraction.

  • 100mg
  • R349.95
  • 30ml

koi CBD vape juice

Koi 100mg – CBD Store.

Euphoria Passion Fruit on Ice CBD Vape Juice

Euphoria’s CBD vape juice has just a sprinkle of menthol, giving the users a wave of cool, fresh air. This product contains 100mg of CBD in 60ml, making it one of the weaker products available.

It can be purchased off, with the option to purchase it in 4 split payments with no interest. This reaps benefits along the lines of relaxing the body and mind while still being invigorating due to the minty, menthol burst.

  • 100mg
  • R360.00
  • 60ml

euphoria passionfruit on ice salts 30ml


Euphoria CBD on ice –

nFused CBD Vape Juice

This Vape additive is made by the popular brand, nFused. They are known for their extensive range including waxes and resins. All their CBD infused vape oils come in regular (250mg) and extra-strength (500mg) options.

nFused also offers their CBD Tinctures range – made from 99.7% pure CBD isolate powder and MCT oil. The vape juices also contain 3mg of nicotine, still giving the user the sought-after head-rush. The product is available in Mango Kush, OG mint, Pineapple Express and Grape Ape.

  • 250mg
  • R580.00
  • 30ml

nfused 25mg cbd vape juice

nFushed – Smokeyeyes

SoulFlower CBD Juice

Soulflower’s CBD infused vape oil is for users who are more experienced with CBD products. The Cannaco vape juice carries a significant 600mg broad-spectrum CBD per bottle, giving it a whopping 6mg per ml. Making it the best priced CBD vape juice for its value.

The oil also includes negligible amounts of less than 0.001% THC and 0mg of nicotine, as well as being infused with vegetable glycerin. The extraction method used is supercritical CO2 extraction. This method recycles CO2, making it environmentally friendly.

Careful ratios and USP grade flavors make this one of the best CBD oils available.

  • 600mg
  • R499.00
  • 100ml

soulflower mango frostbite vape juice

Soulflower – Organica

Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Vape Juices in South Africa

Smokable CBD oil is a great way to reap the rewards of cannabis without experiencing the sometimes unwanted high from THC, carcinogenic effects from tobacco, while still keeping nicotine optional. These 5 CBD vape juices are great starting points when looking for your favourite oil. From minimum CBD effects to a CBD packed experience.

With a range of exquisite flavours that are sure to make your taste buds sing. Inhaling oil from a CBD vape pen for pain, stress and anxiety is a great way to become introduced to the world of CBD. Vaping benefits add to the desire for these products, such as in the help of quitting smoking.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge and insights of CBD e-liquids, you’re ganja have a good time.


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  2. Good day
    Want to know if a vape juice or CBD spray is available with low levels of THC. Understand low levels of THC can be beneficial to eg anxiety


    • Hi Ben

      Products containing THC are not strictly speaking legal in SA, so we are not sure you would be able to find a reliable product containing THC easily.

      CBD combined with Myrcene and Linalool does however also assist with anxiety, so finding a product like that could assist you with anxiety and stress. You can have a look at our products on our shop page to see the products we have available; the Sleep oil might be able to assist you with anxiety and sleep.

      Hope you find a product that works for you!

  3. Hi there

    Im looking for herb oils that have thc in it to use in my mod tank.

    Please let me know if you stock these


    • Hi Mohamed

      Oil containing THC is not strictly legal in South Africa, thus you might have a hard time finding a product like that.

      Our own products are all THC-free or have 0.001% THC, as well.

      Good luck finding a product that works for you!

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