Top 10 CBD Weed Strains (2024 Update)

Cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with the two most famous chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant – CBD and THC. These two compounds, although found in the same plant, have very different effects on the endocannabinoid system.

THC may be the most fun out of the two, however, CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is one of the most healing and therapeutic natural compounds out there. There are many benefits of CBD, and it is no wonder that smokers and growers worldwide want to get there hands on some of the high CBD, low THC strains.

Are you looking to make CBD at home? Do you want to smoke buds that come from high CBD strains? Or would you like to make dagga tea? You have many cannabis strains to choose from, but we will discuss and share with you our top 10 CBD weed strains for 2019.

Top 10 CBD Weed Strains

High CBD strains can be sativa or indica, and all of our favorites are well worth considering when finding the right CBD strains for you. Our list is full of easy-to-find and popular strains that also happen to be jam-packed with cannabidiol. These strains are among the many that are medically beneficial.

These are in no particular order, as all of them are some of the best CBD strains available!

1. Harlequin

This sativa-dominant beauty is well-known for being a stimulant with mild euphoric effects. Combining alertness with a sense of relaxation, it provides the perfect balance between fun and healing.

You can smoke this strain all hours of the day and find it has very positive effects, making it one of the most remarkable CBD weed strains. It’s understandable that the Harlequin CBD seeds are highly sought after!

2. Sweet and Sour Widow

This strain may not be the highest CBD type, as it holds an equilibrium between its THC content and CBD content, but it is perfect for first-time users. This strain is a friendly introduction to both compounds and won’t have you melting into your couch.

It’s a great medicine that can get you pleasantly stoned with a light euphoria. Sweet and Sour Widow seeds are easily found online.

3. Cannatonic

When listing high CBD strains, Cannatonic is bound to be in the mix! The strain has only a small percentage more CBD than THC. You can choose to use this strain as either a medical treatment or as a euphoric and relaxing companion.

Cannatonic is flexible, suiting both sides of the spectrum. Cannatonic seeds can be bought online.

4. Sour Tsunami

This strain has a rich history and was originally created by the late Lawrence Ringo, a powerful cannabis grower and activist. This amazing mixture between Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel has brought to life a high CBD strain that will blow you away.

The intention behind this strain’s creation was to give the world a medical cannabis strain, and the intention has been met with success. Feminized Sour Tsunami seeds can be sourced online.

5. Stephen Hawking Kush

This strain is a harmonious high CBD strain that relaxes every muscle in the body whilst also dosing your body with a healthy amount of CBD. The Indica-dominant Stephen Hawking Kush strain has also gained props for its unusual name.

Enjoy a strain that offers both a therapeutic and mild high. Stephen Hawking Kush seeds are increasingly popular.

6. Pennywise

Pennywise is a child of the grand Harlequin and infamous Jack the Ripper strain, giving us both mental clarity and high with the CBD. This strain provides a wonderful clear high that is functional and pleasurable at the same time.

No matter how much you smoke, it’s hard to feel overwhelmed by the high from this popular strain. Pennywise seeds are easy to come across online.


The ACDC strain is well known to those who are connoisseurs of CBD weed strains, as it is very CBD-dominant. This strain is perfect for those looking for medical cannabis with zero THC impact.

This strain aids in relieving pain, anxiety, and tension whilst causing no really notable psychoactive effects. ACDC is one of the best low THC, high CBD strains out there, and ACDC seeds are favorites!

8. Charlotte’s Web

Practically everyone who knows about cannabis culture knows about Charlotte’s Web. This Indica-dominant strain has become famous, as it was the target in a bid from the Stanley brothers to legalize CBD strains in the USA.

This strain was made specifically to have an incredibly low THC content and a spectacular amount of CBD. It is the perfect choice for a medical cannabis grow, and it provides no psychoactive effects.

The only way you will even know you have consumed this strain is because of the pain relief you will feel! Charlotte’s Web seeds are very sought after.

9. Ringo’s Gift

The name of this strain is synonymous with the original creator of it, none other than the late Mr. Lawrence Ringo, the man also responsible for Sour Tsunami. This strain is nearly entirely CBD and will provide all users with a soothing and calm high.

Ringo’s Gift is a phenomenal CBD weed strain, and Ringo’s Gift seeds can be bought easily online.

10. Harle-Tsu

This strain has gained major popularity for being a high CBD strain that alleviates pain incredibly well. It has also been lovingly crafted by late Lawrence Ringo and is one of his finest creations. You can enjoy Harle-Tsu on all occasions as the high is wonderfully clear and functional.

Enjoy a strain that provides a relaxing and pleasant euphoria without the heavy head found with most strains. Harle-Tsu seeds are found on a lot of online platforms.

Conclusion of CBD Weed Strains

Looking at all the health benefits associated with CBD weed strains, it is easy to see why massive interest in both cultivating and using these magnificent buds is growing. We have shared with you our top picks – each one is unique and worthy of consideration.

Whichever strain you choose, be sure that you are informed about your choice, and if you intend to use it medically, make sure you speak with your doctor!

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