Does CBD Help with Muscle Recovery? Benefits, Dose & More

CBD as a fresh wellness trend is spreading fast, and people are finding more new ways to use its healing properties.

Now that CBD is legal, more information on its effectiveness is available. Since it is already being used to help people with health issues, it is no wonder the fitness industry has also shown interest in the benefits of CBD for athletes.

You may have already heard fitness influencers and Youtubers endorse CBD for muscle recovery here and there. But it’s not all clear, and you might still need help to understand what all the buzz is about.

In this guide we’re going to answer the question ‘does CBD help muscle recovery?’, so let’s dive right in.


Benefits of CBD

The hype around CBD is legit, with health professionals even recommending it. Many people have begun using this excellent alternative treatment to assist with the following health issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Pain

CBD products can assist with a range of health issues. Knowing when and how to use it for your particular case is essential. There is both scientific and anecdotal evidence on these benefits.


CBD for Muscle Recovery

Fitness and training is something over 2 million people in South Africa participate in to stay healthy and fit. Not to mention the many talented professional athletes born and bred in SA. However, many people still do not exercise because of the pain it causes.

Muscles are pulled and torn during your exercise, and a session can leave you sore. This pain can negatively affect your sleep, cause inflammation and decrease your quality of life.

This can be helped by pills or salves/creams, which may have several side effects and the helping effects do not last long. That is not what people living a healthy lifestyle are looking for.

CBD and working out may not sound like a likely combo, but it is a less harsh alternative to pills and is even allowed by the World Anti-Doping Agency.


How is CBD Good for Muscle Recovery?

A CBD oil muscle recovery plan is based on four target points:

  1. Pain – CBD helps target and soothe discomfort caused by muscle strain.
  2. Inflammation – Swollen and painful joints make it hard to move and interfere with your fitness goals. CBD for infllammation is an effective anti-inflammatory and shortens your recovery period
  3. Sleep – The aches from exercise may make it difficult to sleep, and CBD oil for sleep assists with insomnia. Rest is an integral part of fitness and your overall health.
  4. Stress and Anxiety – Being nervous before a big game happens and this may tense your muscles and affect your performance, even on a professional level. CBD eases anxiety, making sure you perform your best.

These four action points need to be dealt with so that you can be physically and mentally fit to deal with training and your own life. Make exercise just a bit more enjoyable without losing out on the benefits of CBD and exercise.

How to Use CBD for Muscle Recovery

Now that you know a bit more about CBD and muscle recovery, you may be wondering how you would even take it. CBD comes in many consumable forms such as:

This variety is excellent and means you can easily add CBD to your fitness plan any way you want. We know that you need a well-planned training program, so here are options for taking CBD oil for recovery.

Taking CBD After Workout

CBD workout recovery can take place after a session, and applying CBD oil creams or spray directly onto your target muscles can provide relief from intense sessions.

Taking CBD Before Workout

CBD pre-workout can be a great option. Let’s bust a few myths first, CBD is not psychoactive and will not make you feel lazy.

Instead, it can help you clear your mind to focus on a session. Mental health is a crucial part of achieving your gym goals, and CBD helps with that.


How Much CBD Should I Take for Muscle Recovery?

Don’t get too excited; there’s still more you need to know about CBD and muscle recovery. Like how much CBD for muscle recovery is safe to ingest.

With any health supplement, it is always best to ease into it. Start with small dosages, taking note of your body’s reaction, and slowly increasing it until you are happy with your progress.

If ingesting CBD, you should only be working in milligrams. Most people suggest starting with 5 – 10mg per day and increasing in 5 – 10mg daily until you feel relief.

Whether you are training personally, professionally, or recovering from a sports injury, CBD for muscle recovery is not a replacement for prescribed medication. It is an excellent addition to any fitness regime.

Finding CBD for Muscle Recovery

Thankfully, CBD is legal, meaning you can find CBD products at Dischem and the like. Make sure your product has correct and informative labelling. Your supplier should also be easy to find and have an up-to-date website you can trust.

While these products may seem pricy, investing in your health and safety is always a good idea. Don’t give in to temptation and buy cheaper products.


Final Thoughts on CBD for Muscle Recovery

CBD oil for recovery may be what you need to achieve your fitness goals. Exercise is good for you and does not have to leave you in pain and struggling to squeeze in one more rep.

CBD’s popularity amongst the fitness community is constantly growing and it’s even being infused into gym wear. No need to wait for your gym-bros. Use this guide to see the results firsthand and get in touch with a trusted CBD supplier for more information.

This CBD workout recovery is safe and easy to add to your fitness plan. Speak to your trainer and doctor about adding CBD oil to your fitness program today. If you’re got a young sport star, CBD oil for kids also works great!


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