Does CBD make you tired?

For a lot of us who’ve been smoking weed, brain fog and constant spells of tiredness aren’t shocking revelations. THC, the psychoactive component of weed, induces a sedative state, kicking your body to bed. But how practical is that nowadays? We’re constantly required to be giving up most of our attention to everyday living. 

For our brains to function happily and healthily, you don’t need sedation, you need a way to cope with stress positively. Unlike THC, CBD helps your body regulate a variety of different functions by binding onto neurotransmitters. This, in turn, reduces levels of anxiety and helps our body respond positively to stress.

That being said, we’re all individuals with unique experiences of substances. Some claim that CBD leaves them feeling highly energized, while others feel more chilled out feeling. How does it help so many with a number of ailments like insomnia and anxiety, but also doesn’t leave them feeling tired?

Does CBD Oil Make you Tired? The Facts

Not at all. If you’re ingesting good products safely and at the right time, you shouldn’t be feeling tired. So how did everyone become so confused? 

One of the reasons is that studies have shown CBD may turn off a part of the brain that stops the nervous system from releasing melatonin, a hormone that aids in the first stage of sleep. During the day, our brains aren’t urging our bodies to release melatonin, so no melatonin to worry about. 

But when it comes to evening, your brain wants your body to release melatonin, and CBD doesn’t want to get in the way of that. So when CBD is taken in the evening, it’s totally natural that you’re beginning to feel tired. It’s all part of regulating our natural sleeping pattern. 

When it comes to finding the right CBD oil, full-spectrum CBD oil guarantees the best results. Full-spectrum CBD is produced by extracting oil from all parts of the plant and it’s well-accepted that cannabinoids can be more effective when used in tandem.

But CO2 extraction can be time-consuming and requires a lot of engineering (part of the reason CBD oils might be a little pricey). And a lot of cheap companies aren’t into this and may be using too much ethanol during extraction, essentially leaving you with average or bad quality CBD oil. This can be a reason why you might be feeling low on energy with a lack of concentration. 

Does CBD flower make you sleepy?

The CBD flower or CBD bud has several different purposes, from people suffering from anxiety, insomnia, to chronic body pain, lack of concentration, and even trauma. Although there are many ways of consuming CBD, smoking the CBD flower produces the fastest results, with an instant feeling of relaxation. 

Like fine wine and whiskey, the quality of CBD plays a huge part in your overall experience of the flower. The trick to not feeling sleepy? Invest in high-quality produce. 

Recognizing quality CBD flowers:

  • High CBD content
  • No signs of seeds
  • Visible collections of crystal hairs
  • A powerful fragrance

Take a look at the top 10 CBD strains and see which works for you. The strains are perfect for making dagga teas and CBD oils, too.

So does CBD work for sleep?

While modern medication may help you sleep, it can also mess up your entire sleeping cycle. Naturally, our bodies go through different cycles throughout the night, like REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and NREM (non-rapid eye movement). 

CBD oil has been shown to improve a healthy pattern, removing the undesirable stress and anxiety that usually prevents you from sleeping well. It also allows your body to follow the natural sleeping rhythms we experience and in turn, you’ll have a happy, successful sleep.

As mentioned earlier, if you’re taking CBD a couple of hours before bed, you’ll achieve the best results. Not only will melatonin be released, but the calming effect CBD has on your body will aid in calming the restless night time thoughts. 

Does hemp oil make you sleepy?

While hemp comes from the same family as marijuana, it has a completely different function to marijuana. While marijuana is high in THC, hemp contains no levels of CBD or THC, instead, it contains high levels of proteins and vitamins. 

There is great confusion around hemp oil at the moment, due to the legalities surrounding weed. Companies around the globe are labeling their products as CBD hemp oil, either as a way to sell products surrounding the buzz and make a profit, or to sell CBD products legally. 

The truth: Hemp refers to cannabis for industrial production, meaning you won’t be finding any of the benefits or side-effects of CBD or THC (although, as we mentioned, it’s packed with protein and vitamins). CBD hemp oil, on the other hand, does contain CBD, which where the confusion comes from. 

If you’re only recently stepping into the world of CBD, don’t be fooled by all labels. Always, always, read the ingredients before purchasing your oils. Check out this post to read up about the difference between CBD hemp oil and hemp oil.

To sum it up, why does CBD make me tired?

Well, it mostly depends on the time of day you’re taking CBD. Taking it in the evenings is the only time that you’ll start feeling sleeping from CBD. And when your sleeping patterns improve, you’ll be feeling more energetic with a higher level of concentration throughout the day.

What you’ll find most from CBD users is an experience of ease and contentment, achieved by regulating our nervous system and improving the brain’s level of awareness. And given that there are only microscopic traces of THC, there isn’t a need to worry about CBD causing extreme panic or anxiety, as CBD is not psychoactive. 

So no anxiety and no feeling sleepy? It seems like CBD is a safe, natural and practical solution to our modern-day stresses. 



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