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If you’re a newcomer to the marijuana growing revolution, you might want to consider a grow tent kit to keep things simple and running smooth. If you want to grow weed on a small scale, grow tents could be a life-saving option. Grow tent operations will yield between 30g and 150g of weed a month.


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We love the convenience of a grow tent in a small space – and so should you! Not only will you save on space, but you’ll also save on time and energy. If you’re looking for a cheap indoor grow setup, invest in a grow tent that will help your cannabis plants to grow into happy and healthy plants.

Who should use Grow Tents?

There are many choices to make when you want to start growing your own beautiful, green buds. One of the biggest decisions is where the home of your new baby plants will be. Grow tents are a perfect solution if you’re planning a small-scale grow operation.

A grow tent will allow you to control an optimal growing environment – indoors. Grow tents are made out of flexible, reflective materials and sometimes even include fans, lights, and carbon filters.

You have full control over the climate and lighting in your grow space, which means you’ll get to plan your plant stages perfectly.


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Benefits of using Grow Tents

If you’re still not convinced that an indoor grow tent is one of the best options for you, you might want to consider all the great benefits of using grow tents.

  • It is super easy to set up a grow tent.
  • It is relatively cheap to buy a grow tent.
  • It is energy efficient because of its enclosed environment – energy doesn’t go to waste and concentrated energy results in higher yields.
  • It reduces odours by containing them. Adding a carbon filter will further minimize the aroma of your weed.
  • It ensures optimal lighting with lined Mylar – a highly-reflective, heat-resistant, polyester resin material. The light will surround your plant from all angles.
  • It will keep pests to a minimum.
  • It will keep your buds clean.

Size Matters: What size grow tent will you need?

A few factors need to be taken into consideration upon deciding which size grow tent will be the best for your growth op.

The space for your plants include:

  • The canopy of your grow space
  • Grow lights (their size and distance above the plants)
  • Ventilation Equipment (your carbon filter, exhaust fans, clip fans)
  • Accessories and tools (reservoirs, nutrients, soil)

Image by @capeconnoisseur

Here are our best tips for setting up your grow space and deciding which size tent would be the best for your grow op:

Doodling is the best way to figure out how you’re going to set up your grow space. Make a small sketch of your available space, including where you would put your pots, lights, fans, and all the other necessary equipment to successfully grow your cannabis crops.

We will refer to small (90cm x 90cm & 60cm x 120cm), medium (120cm x 120cm & 150cm x 150cm), large (180cm x 180cm & 120cm x 240cm), and extra large tents (120cm x 240cm). It doesn’t matter which one you plan on using, but we will refer to these sizes so you can determine which one you’ll need to ensure the greatest harvest possible.

Small Grow Tents (90cm x 90xm & 60cm x 120cm)

If the aim is to only grow a couple of plants, great for any hobby-grower or micro grower, a small tent in a tiny space will be the perfect solution.


Image by @medicalcannabiscommunity

These tents are great sizes to grow between 1-3 fruit and flowering plants. You can add more plants if you believe in the Sea of Green growing method.

How many plants for small grow tents?

  • Stick to 1-3 plants in a 90cm x 90cm or 60cm x 120cm tents

What light to use in a small grow tent?

  • Maximum 270W LED grow light
  • 250w – 400w HID grow lights

Medium Grow Tents (120cm x 120xm & 150cm x 150cm)

If you want to grow between 4 and 6 plants, we know that you’ll need a proper space to put them. Your plants will breathe well in a medium-sized tent and the size will allow better access to CO2.


Image by @yourstonedbuddy

If you decide to move your grow op from a closet to a tent it will allow your plants to ventilate well. If you put them in a grow tent, there are spaces created for ventilation that will ensure their optimal growth.

How many plants for medium grow tents?

  • Stick to 4-6 plants in a 120cm x 120cm or 150cm x 150cm tents

What light to use in a medium grow tent?

  • Maximum 540W LED grow light
  • 400w – 600w HID grow lights (both single and double-ended will work)

Large Grow Tents (180cm x 180xm & 120cm x 240cm)

For all the enthusiastic growers out there, you should probably invest in a big tent so you can experiment with your multiple plants. You can easily grow 7-10 plants in a large grow tent.


Image by @innov44

Some growers split up the tent for vegetative and flowering stages, but you can easily put two side by side if you’re really serious about growing fast and getting the best yield. A large tent is meant to harvest a big amount of bud.

How many plants for large grow tents?

  • Spacious enough to comfortably fit in 7-10 plants

What light to use in a large grow tent?

  • Maximum 810W LED grow light
  • 600w – 1200w HID grow lights (Double-ended lights preferred)

X-Large Grow Tents (>120cm x 240cm)

It’s debatable whether you would want to buy a grow tent for an extra-large scale operation or just convert a room into a grow space. It is definitely more affordable to just buy a grow tent, so you can get the operation off the ground as fast as possible.


Image by @the_gnome_still_grows

You can split your extra-large grow tent into sections to offer your plants different light cycles and different environments. Just be sure that you have worked out the cost of lights to cover such a big space. Low-power lights can be used, but it will be better to use the strongest lights you can find.

How many plants for X-Large grow tents?

  • Between 10-12+ pots in tents bigger than 120cm x 240cm

What light to use in an X-Large grow tent?

  • This will depend on how many plants you’re growing and how large your XL-tent will be

Create the perfect Grow Environment

There are a lot of factors to consider when you are creating the perfect environment for your marijuana to reach its fullest potential. Understanding how a grow tent looks and works will help you to understand why it could create the best environment for growing weed.


Image by @kevin_craft_honor

A grow tent does the following:

  • Allows the bright light to stay inside
  • Keeps the cannabis smell inside
  • Includes reflective insides to direct the light to your growing plants
  • Has openings so fresh air can enter at the bottom and used air can exit at the top
  • Has convenient openings for electric cables for lights and fans

Set up your grow tent

Decide where you want to put your grow tent, clean that space, follow the instructions and get it up!

Hang your grow light

The easiest way to get up your grow light is to use rope ratchets. They make it very easy to adjust lights at any time without the risk of touching your plants.


Image by @growhort

Your cannabis needs light to grow so you can get the best yields. Most successful indoor operations made use of LED grow lights, the most energy and cost-effective option for your growth op. Make sure to choose the best LED grow lights in South Africa for your tent.

Use an exhaust fan

Hang your exhaust fan inside your tent. This will reduce the sound of the fan running and allows for maximum circulation and airflow.

Either make use of strong nylon rope or rope ratchets to hang your exhaust fan inside the grow tent.

Connect a Carbon Filter to ensure no weed odour

Carbon filters will ensure that no one can smell any weed. One thing you have to make sure of is that there is an air-tight line from the carbon filter to the fan – this will prevent any smells from escaping your grow tent.


Image by @everything_is_over_hyped

Carbon filters are quite heavy, so you can use rope ratchets to hang them in the tent. This way will be the easiest if you have to make regular adjustments.

The hype around fabric pots

Fabric pots, also known as smart pots is the new kid on the block when it comes to cannabis accessories. They allow oxygen to reach the roots of your plants and excess water can drain well.

When using any kind of pot, be it a smart pot or a regular pot, you have to make sure that you get the best soil you possibly can. Picking good-quality soil is one of the most important contributing factors of healthy, happy plants.


Image by @dassiegrows

Buy a Grow Tent in South Africa

Although it might be easy enough to build your own grow tent, it would be much easier to just buy one and get your seedlings growing in no time. We’ve looked at the most popular and highest-rated weed grow tents available in South Africa.

7 Best Grow Tents For Sale – South Africa

The grow tent provides the perfect conditions within a controlled and contained structure. Let’s take a closer look at grow tents, which ones are available on the market, and where you should buy them in South Africa.

Ninja Small Grow Tent (100cm x 100cm x 200cm)


For the space-constrained buyer, this Ninja Grow Tent is one of the best-value small grow tents in South Africa. Available at a very affordable price, this strong grow tent is becoming a favourite among indoor growers.

The inside is lined with reflective Mylar fabric – ensuring that light use is optimal and all areas of the plants will be covered. Its design is smart and compact, but also waterproof and wear resistant.

Mars Small Grow Tent (120cm x 60cm x 180cm)


Mars products are some of the most reliable and budget-friendly options available in South Africa. This small grow tent allows for a quick set-up. It has ultra-reflective lined Mylar on the inside, ensuring amazing light reflectivity and dispersal.

This product has proved to offer high customer satisfaction and with its steel construction, supporting up to 65kg fixtures, this is one of the best-valued small grow tents on the market.

Ninja Medium Grow Tent (140cm x 140cm x 200cm)


As an entry-level medium grow tent, this strong and durable Ninja grow tent will give you plenty of room to grow your plants in a smaller space. It has additional ports if you would like to use air-cooled lighting and its super reflective Mylar lining on the inside, is great for optimal light exposure and healthy, growing plants.

The quality construction of the tent and the low price will ensure that you making a sound investment for your indoor growing operation.

Mars Grow Tent Medium Size (150cm x 150cm x 200cm)


If you want to create the perfect controlled environment for your cannabis crops, you should consider the Mars medium grow tent. This grow tent allows enough space for 6 pots, which should yield a great harvest.

It is lined with ultra-reflective Mylar, has vented flaps with screens that will help you to maintain a lightproof environment and its steel construction makes this a high-quality, affordable product.

Ninja Large Grow Tent (240cm x 120cm x 200cm)


This tent consists of 8 vent ports and 3 air vents and the whole tent is waterproof and wear-resistant. Like the other products in the Ninja range, this grow tent also has reflective Mylar fabric lining the inside for maximum light efficiency.

The steel construction makes this a high-quality, affordable product.

Mars X-Large Grow Tent (240cm x 240cm x 200cm)xl-mars-grow-tent

The heavy-duty construction of this extra large grow tent by Mars can carry quite a large fixture weight. It has a removable waterproof floor tray and is toxic-bug and disease resistant.

This product is a bit more expensive than the previous options, but with its all-steel frame construction, double thick Mylar fabric, and of course the size, this is one of the best larger-scale grow tents on the market in South Africa.

Mars Hydro II 400 Combo Reflector Light with Grow Tent (100cm x 100cm x 180cm)


The best of both worlds, all in one product. You have a passion for cannabis and want to start your own grow operation. Well, look no further. The small Mars grow tent and Mars II 400 reflector light is the perfect start-up package.

This LED light is known to produce very high yields and great-quality buds. With this light, you will reduce your energy cost tremendously. With this great combination, you can have the tent and the light at once and start growing those beautiful buds.

Where to buy your Grow Tent, South Africa

The following online companies stock and sell the best grow tents for indoor grow operations:

Final Thoughts:

Grow tents are very successful for growing cannabis indoors. Not only do they keep out strange odours, make it easy to control the environment and increases the light your plants get, they also keep your plants safe from pests.


Image by @hongyihydroponics

So, if you want to have a great yield, choosing a grow tent would be the best bet for a small-scale grow operation. Now that you’ve got the basics covered, you can choose the best cannabis seeds in South Africa and start growing in the soil. Good luck with picking the best grow tent for your new cannabis grow operation!



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