How to Take CBD Oil | A Guide for South Africans and Beyond

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase CBD oil to treat a condition you may have, you may start wondering how to take CBD oil.

Thankfully, there are a number of applications you can try. You’re not limited to just one way. You can add drops of CBD oil to your morning cannabis tea, massage it into your skin, or simply take drops under your tongue. If you’re feeling a little artistic and crafty, you can even mix it into your lotion.

No matter which method you choose, it’s important to follow the CBD oil instructions on the packaging. This will ensure you are taking the correct dosage and are carefully storing the CBD product.

Without any further ado, here’s a guide on how to take CBD oil.

How Do You Take CBD Oil?

As mentioned before, there are different ways to take CBD oil and each of them will be discussed in detail below. These are:

  1. Sublingually (which is a fancy way of saying “under your tongue”)
  2. Adding CBD oil drops to a drink (i.e. coffee, tea, or shake)
  3. Massaging CBD oil into your skin
  4. Mixing CBD oil into your lotion
  5. Taking CBD oil capsules
  6. Munching on CBD oil-infused edibles (yum!)

Tip: Both adults and kids can use CBD oil, the only difference is the recommended dosage.

Man in white top holding CBD oil dropper.

It’s important to note that the way you take CBD oil can change how it affects you. Taking CBD oil transdermally may offer relief from pain and inflammation with limited side effects, whereas using CBD oil drops under your tongue may cause drowsiness.

It’s also important to ask, “Should I take CBD oil?” and assess the benefits and risks. This will help you establish when to take CBD oil. If you’re pregnant, it’s inadvisable to take CBD oil as studies in animals have shown issues in the development of male foetuses.

1.   How to Take CBD Oil Drops Orally

One of the most common ways to take CBD oil drops is to use it under the tongue. This is because the effects of CBD oil are felt much quicker due to it entering your bloodstream quickly through the sublingual gland in your mouth.

Because of this, this is the best way to take CBD oil. Ensure you read the packaging beforehand to determine how long to hold the tincture under your tongue.

Step 1: Remove the CBD oil drops from their packaging and open the tincture.

Step 2: Tilting your head slightly upwards, open your mouth and lift your tongue.

Step 3: Squeeze the dropper and add the required number of drops under your tongue.

Step 3: Allow the drops to stay there for one to two minutes before you swallow.

2.   Adding CBD Oil Drops to Your Drink

You can always add CBD oil drops to a drink of your choice if you don’t like the taste. Just keep in mind that it may take a bit longer for the effects to kick in (approximately 30 minutes).

CBD oil drops next to tea in a white tea cup and silver spoon.

Step 1: Remove the CBD oil drops from their packaging and open the tincture.

Step 2: Squeeze the dropper and add the desired number of drops to your drink.

Step 3: Stir your drink for approximately 30 seconds.

Step 4: Salud! You can have your drink now.

1.   Massage CBD Oil Directly on to Your Skin

This is a great way to achieve both the benefits of using CBD oil and getting a massage. Not only is massaging CBD oil onto your skin a great way to relax, but it may help to relieve pain and inflammation.

Typical areas of your body that may benefit from a CBD oil massage include your neck, shoulders, and knees. If you would like to bond with your partner, you can get them (or a massage therapist) to give you a full back massage with CBD oil.

Step 1: Add drops of the CBD massage oil onto your fingers and hands.

Step 2: Using circular motions, massage the oil directly onto the part of your body that requires a soothing treatment.

2.   Mix CBD Oil into Your Lotion

If you’d prefer a less oily way to take CBD oil, you can mix it into your lotion for topical use on your skin. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, such as lavender, for a soothing scent.

Lady pouring CBD lotion onto her hand.

Step 1: Grab your lotion of choice and remove its lid.

Step 2: Remove the dropper of your CBD oil.

Step 3: Add your desired number of CBD oil drops into your lotion.

Step 4: This is not necessary, but you can add your favourite essential oil to achieve the desired scent. Some prefer lavender oil as it has a calming scent. Others prefer almond oil for a more nutty aroma.

Step 5: Place the lid of your lotion back on.

Step 6: Shake your lotion bottle like your favourite bartender to ensure everything is evenly mixed.

Step 7: Add the desired quantity of lotion onto your hands and apply it to your skin.

1.   Take CBD Oil Capsules

CBD oil can come in the form of veg or gluten soft capsules that can be taken orally with a glass of water. They are easy to take and you have the assurance that you’re getting an accurate and measured dosage of CBD.

Step 1: Read the packaging to ensure you’re taking the correct amount of CBD.

Step 2: Take the required number of CBD capsules and wash them down with a glass of water.

2.   Snack on Some CBD Oil-infused Edibles

CBD edibles are a novel way to take CBD oil. They’re also delicious, and can be served as a cleaner form of party favours. Let’s look at how to take CBD oil in gummy form.

Gummy bears with powered sugar.

Step 1: Carefully read the packaging to be aware of the dosage of CBD per gummy. This will also ensure you’re correctly choosing CBD oil gummies and not the ones that contain THC.

Step 2: Take the required amount of gummies to ensure you’re taking the correct dose.

Step 3: Ensure the packaging is sealed correctly. Because CBD edibles are susceptible to UV rays, as well as humidity, they can become a breeding ground for mould like any food.

If you’re creative, you could make CBD oil gummies at home. Just follow the recipe to make at-home gummies, and add the desired dosage of CBD oil. It’s best to start with a lower dosage at first.

It must be noted that CBD oil-infused edibles can also come in the form of chocolates, brownies, sauces, and fruit chips. So if gummies aren’t something you like, you have other options available!

Final Thoughts on How to Take CBD Oil

You’re not restricted to taking CBD oil with tinctures. CBD oil can be taken in numerous ways, and at a time and place convenient to you. If you would like relief for pain and inflammation, you may prefer massaging CBD oil into your skin. Snack-lovers may prefer to take CBD oil in gummy form.

Always consult a medical professional before using CBD oil products. If your aim is to treat a condition, it’s even more important to do so. Whichever way you choose to take CBD oil, just make sure you take the correct dose and have fun while doing so.

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