Best LED Grow Lights in South Africa

Growing plants indoors means often they don’t have access to one of the most important ingredients for happy, healthy plants – sunlight. LED grow lights are a viable sunlight alternative that’ll get your plants exactly what they need.

Since growing weed became legal in South Africa, indoor growing has increased in popularity. Now there are plenty of local companies dedicated to bringing you the best cannabis products like seeds and lights.

Why Choose LED Grow Lights?

When choosing a grow light, it’s important to ensure that it’s able to provide the type of light that your bud needs in order to achieve maximum yields.

LED lights are commonly used for growing marijuana indoors. The main reason for this is they are often more effective than traditional glow lighting. They’re more energy-efficient, use less power and offer lower heat (which your plants love). 

LED grow lights are easy to install, have a long life and offer greater control over things like spectrum, dimming and schedules. Whether you’re using soil or hydroponics, LED grow lights are perfect for growing bud.

They come in a wide range of shapes and designs that can be combined in different configurations. In addition to great lighting, you’ll also need the right location to grow your plants. Grow tents are a great way to grow weed on a small scale, especially if you’re just starting out.

It’s a good idea to figure out how many plants you’re planning on growing so you invest in the right light. The more plants you have, the more lights you’ll need and the higher your bulb wattage will need to be.

LED grow lights south africa

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, South Africa

Plants thrive in sunlight which means that any good grow light needs to replicate the sun’s light spectrum. A full-spectrum LED grow light allows you to replicate the full light spectrum of the sun and adjust the intensity of the light depending on what your plant needs.

A full-spectrum grow light can be used throughout the plant life cycle and means you don’t have to switch between grow lights for each stage of your plant’s growth – saving you time and money. 

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Where to Buy LED Grow Lights in South Africa?

Growing weed in South Africa has been made possible by a few dedicated companies, whose mission is to help you grow the best plants possible.

Here’s a run-down on the best places to buy LED grow lights in South Africa:

COB LED Grow Lights, South Africa

COB full spectrum LED grow lights for sale that come in different wattages (and different prices). We’ve listed them all below:

G4 – 720W COB – Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

If you want the latest (and greatest) technology for your plants, this is it. This light has been proven to be perfect throughout your plant’s life cycle. These little guys are super-efficient and contain the most favourable spectrum and colour ratios for healthy, happy marijuana plants.

This light is perfect for a small, at-home operation.

led grow light south africa


G6 – 1080W COB – Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The G6 features all the benefits of the G5 but includes two more lights, perfect if you’re planning on growing a few plants at home. This Full Spectrum COB LED grow light provides a wide range of far-red, red, white, blue and ultraviolet light.

A COB Full Spectrum Grow Light is the next best thing to sunlight, producing some of the best artificial light for photosynthesis.

g6 full spectrum grow light


G9 – 1620W COB – Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The larger your grow area, the more watts you’ll need. Traditional lighting is notorious for consuming copious amounts of electricity. This is one of the main reasons we prefer COB LED lighting, which is able to produce a superior amount of light, without hiking up your electricity bill.

The G9 is perfect for at home and commercial growing, especially if you’re growing in a bigger area with a couple of plants in need of some artificial sunlight.

G9 LED grow light


G16 – 2880W COB – Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

If you’re serious about your growing and plan on keeping a whole family of marijuana plants, this light is for you. It’s a bit bigger than the other options but will ensure optimal light proportion.

Its higher wattage does mean it consumes more electricity than the other models but it also means it can cater to more plants and a larger grow area.

COB LED grow lights are an investment that’ll last give you years of hassle-free service before you need to replace the grow lamps. These babies will last you around 50,000 hours before they need a little TLC.

G16 LED grow light


Grow Guru also stock Rope Ratchet Grow Light Hangers which you’ll need to efficiently hang up your lights. They are easy to use and designed to pull tight, lock in place and will never break, slip or rust.

Mars Hydro South Africa

Mars Hydro Logo

Mars Hydro makes some of the best, cost-efficient LED indoor grow lights in South Africa. They have a few different options available to meet your growing needs.

Their Mars Pro II LED grow light series is great for commercial growers and offers efficient, more natural light for your plants. The Mars II LED grow light series is a favourite among growers that achieves great results – perfect for home and commercial growers.

Their Mars TS LED series features full-spectrum advanced technology to help you achieve maximum yields. They also make Mars SP range full-spectrum grow lights which are suitable for both commercial and home growers.

Mars Hydro Grow Light

The best place to find a wide range of Mars LED grow lights in Cape Town is from a Hydroponic store. If you’re not in Cape Town, they also stock LED grow lights on the Hydrophonic website.


A Durban-based company that specialises in growing equipment. It’s a great place to get everything that you need, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been growing for years.

They sell two different options:

  • HLG65/100 is a V2 lamp that is specially designed for vegging, clones, supplement light or a small plant. The lamp comes in two different sizes depending on your needs. The lamp is designed with high-efficiency white light Quantum Boards using Samsung LM301B LED’s.
Full Spectrum LED grow light
  • The Fluence Spydr 2x LED is an early-development top-lighting solution that is great for commercial growing as well as at home cultivation. The 345W LED grow light is great for home and commercial growers, offering efficiency, quality and quantity from veg to bloom.

Futurama LED Grow Lights South Africa

Futurama stock LED grow lights in various products including grow light strips allowing for greater flexibility. They stock LED grow lights from Apollo, Flexstar, Scynce and 5050.

Apollo’s optimised full spectrum LED grow lights come in 180W, 360W and 450W and are a great lighting solution for small tents or cupboards. It allows you to grow happy healthy plants no matter what stage of their lifecycle they’re in.

Apollo grow light

Flexstar offers a 645W Pro LED full-spectrum grow light. This electronic horticultural LED fixture has 6 LED light bars that are ideal for climate-controlled rooms or greenhouses. It comes in a slim design that allows it to be folded up to 180 degrees, making it small, compact and easy to install.

Scynce LED Raging Kale Veg Light offers two channels of LEDs, cool and warm which have been combined together to create a full-spectrum white light. It’s perfect for indoor and vertical farming. It offers wireless connection which allows control of both the schedule and spectrum.

The 5050 Water Resistant LED Grow Light Strip comes in UV, red, blue, cool white and a 4:1 (which is a combination of red and blue). Each light strip offers different benefits for different stages of your plant’s life cycle allowing the perfect combination of light from flowering to harvest.

LED grow light strip


QTM140/150 Full Spectrum LED grow light is perfect for indoor factories and large scale greenhouses. The large size of the light allows for an excellent light dissipation area and offers a working lifetime of 50,000 hours.

E600/E900 Full Spectrum LED grow light is an ideal, affordable growing light for a new grower. It’s perfect for hydroponics and indoor growing of plants. It comes in both 600W and 900W models and includes triple fans for cooling. This product will provide your plants with everything that they desire for over 4000 hours.

LED grow light south africa

E500 High Power COB LED Grow Light is a well crafted, high powered light that runs off a single ultra-efficient COB LED. It offers 500W of full-spectrum light which yields amazing results and is reasonably affordable if you’re just starting out.

E150 Copper Full Spectrum COB LED is conveniently sized and perfect for small-scale indoor growing. This small-size powerful light offers 150W and includes a cooling fan. Its small design means it’s easy to fit and you can easily add more lighting if necessary.

Copper COB LED grow light

Marijuana SA also offers single E80 LED grow light bulbs, as well as full-spectrum 28 Watt, LED Grow Lights that are an affordable option for home growers and commercial operations alike.

Final Thoughts on LED Grow Lights

All in all, using an LED grow light has many benefits during the growth cycle of your weed plant. There are plenty of options available in South Africa no matter what your needs which will help you grow the perfect bud.

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