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Cannabuddy 300mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets

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Broad-spectrum CBD oil for pets. Cannabuddy has produced this CBD oil to help your pets with daily struggles in their life. Just like humans, animals have an endocannabinoid system. Using CBD helps the brain and body communicate more efficiently.

Broad-spectrum CBD Oil

Broad-spectrum keeps the cannabinoid profile of the plant intact during the extraction process, this pets oil contains 300mg of broad-spectrum CBD meaning you get the medical benefits of both CBD and the cannabinoids that make up the plants profile.

CBD has been used as an anti-inflammatory, helping with arthritis, it also helps your pets to cope with stress and anxiety, as well as all-round health benefits for your pets.

  • Do not exceed 20mg of oil daily.
  • less than 0,001 % THC
  • 1mg per drop
  • 600 drops per bottle


CBD oil for pets 600mg by Cannabuddy next to box

CBD Oil For Pets

Just like humans, our pets can suffer from problems. The main difference is that our pets cannot communicate to us that they are in pain, stressed out, or even something as simple as asking for a scratch behind the ear. CBD oil can help our pets deal with these daily issues significantly increasing their overall quality of life.

With broad-spectrum CBD oil, keeping the plant’s cannabinoids intact, significantly adds to the medicinal benefits and properties of the cannabis plant. Cannabuddy has come out with a 300mg broad-spectrum product as broad-spectrum contains less than 0.001% THC, it has more of an impact on the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the brain, this directly impacts the central nervous system and immune system helping promote appetite, sleep, mood regulation, memory, digestive issues, vomiting, irregular bowel movement, anxiety/fear, and aggression.

CBD Dosage For Animals

The CBD dosage should be carefully administered depending on the size of the animal. It is important to remember that you should not exceed 20mg of CBD daily. We have provided the recommended dosing for animals depending on their size and weight.

Cannabuddy Dosage for Dogs & Cats


Pet weight Low dose Medium dose Strong dose
About 4.6kg 1mg 3mg 5mg
About 9kg 2mg 6mg 10mg
About 13kg 3mg 8mg 15mg
About 18mg 4mg 10mg 20mg
About 22kg 5mg 12mg 20mg
About 25kg 6mg 14mg 20mg
About 30 kg 7mg 16mg 20mg
About 35kg 8mg 18mg 20mg
About 40kg 9mg 20mg 20mg
About 45kg 10mg 20mg 20mg


We recommend using the low dosage in the beginning if your pet has not used CBD oil before. This will help the body get used to CBD and start building CBD and other cannabinoids in their system. The best practice would be to use the low dosage for the first week.

Then once in week two increase to the medium dose, while monitoring your pet’s health, personality, and problem areas. If you feel there has not been a change in your pet’s behavior or the underlying issue is not improving we recommend increasing the dosage.

If there have not been improvements by week three we suggest increasing the daily dosage too strong. This will give your pet the best benefits of CBD oil while having an abundance of the oil in their system. This should significantly help your pet.

Please find attached C.O.A

We would love to hear how Cannabuddy has helped your pet’s health and wellbeing.

6 reviews for Cannabuddy 300mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets


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  1. Kyra Upton

    Loved It! It got my anxious dachshunds to quieten down and chill as well as helps manage my other dog’s skin dry condition.

  2. Tyla

    I have a 13-year-old Border Collie who was suffering for quite some time with arthritis. She slept all the time and struggled to get up, every movement seemed to cause her pain. After using Cannabuddy’s CBD oil for pets she is running around like a pup again. This product works quickly and effectively! Would highly recommend it to anyone who has a dog who is suffering.

  3. Muriel Prinsloo

    The BEST CBD oil for pets! My little girl was extremely stressed and out of sorts when we moved. Not eating, not sleeping, and snapping at everyone. Two days of using Cannabuddy CBD Oil for Pets and she was back to her happy and playful self, and even eating better. I sincerely cannot recommend this CBD oil enough!

  4. Amy

    A huge fan! My old ‘pup’ has become her jolly self again with loads more energy and all-around looking much more content. I cannot recommend this CBD oil for pets enough!

  5. Alex

    My dog is only 4 but he suffers from hip dysplasia. I give him this every night with dinner and also after big walks. He doesn’t even notice it in his food and he gets all the benefits of CBD oil. Would recommend for fussy dogs who suffer with injuries and physical pain.

  6. Neva (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product! My dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 7 month ago and we had to amputate one of his front legs. We decided not to do chemo etc… Started using the CBD full spectrum and it has benefited his life in so many ways. Appetite has increased, vomiting decreased. He is much calmer and has exceeded the life expectancy according to statistics and the vet. Overall awesome product!