Types Of Dagga In South Africa [Updated]

Cannabis (or dagga, or weed, or whatever you’d prefer to call it) is known to originate from East Asia and the Indian subcontinent. However, this particular plant has made quite a name for itself all around the world, including South Africa. 

Mostly used for medical and recreational purposes, dagga can be found in many different forms. From dried-out flowers to oils and edibles, the smoke or CBD extracted from the plant can be used to treat numerous ailments.

From muscle inflammation, stress, and depression, to insomnia and numerous chronic diseases, just to name a few. With this many benefits, it’s no wonder there’s an increase in people who prefer to grow their own seeds.

Although still illegal in many countries across the world, the plant is used and cultivated for its many mental and physical benefits. South Africa is lucky to have had cannabis legalized in 2018, and the industry has been growing ever since – pun intended.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the history of cannabis in South Africa and the best strains that our country has to offer.

The History Of The Different Types Of Weed In South Africa

Although slightly restricted, the partial legalization of dagga in 2018 gave birth to a rise in new strains of weed being produced across the country. Although South Africa is notorious for producing the best sativa strains, it doesn’t mean indica and hybrids are falling short. 

But how did we get here?

The cannabis plant first arrived on our shores from its Asian homeland in the 1600s. It hopped through a series of prohibitions being introduced, then overturned, then reintroduced again. This continued up until 2018, when marijuana in South Africa was eventually made legal for personal and private consumption. 

Two neatly rolledmarijuana joints and a couple buds

African countries loosening their control over the cultivation of the crop, albeit sporadic and short-lived, allowed for the continent, and our country, to develop our own cannabis strains. Today, South Africa sees a variety of strains to suit all kinds of needs.

From weed strains that boost your mood and productivity to strains that help you sleep better at night, this country has it all. 

With such an exquisite amount of sunlight, rainfall, and pleasantly moderate temperatures, our local climate is perfectly suitable for the cultivation of dagga. In fact, marijuana has thrived to the extent that South Africa grows an estimated 2,300 tonnes every year, according to the UN. 

Best Weed Strains In South Africa

Okay, the rumours are true – the South African climate is perfect for growing weed. All kinds of weed. While Sativa strains are known to be somewhat of a local specialty, there’s really no limit to what you can grow with a handful of seeds and a good patch of soil.

However, there are some special strains that have been made popular within our borders. Each with its own distinct taste and effects. 

1. Power Plant

Winner of the 2006 HighLife Cup, amongst others, was born from a seed originally brought from Amsterdam. This potent sativa hybrid has an average THC concentration of up to 26%. 

Known to produce a productive, creative, and energetic high, it’s a smooth smoke that helps treat fatigue, migraines, and depression. The high yield also makes it a great choice for growers on a budget.

2. Swazi Gold

Similar to the Power Plant, this particular strain is famed for its productive and energetic high, as is expected from a Sativa strain. It’s also used for pain relief, stress relief, nausea, and a lack of appetite. 

This strain, with its sweet, citrus-mango taste, is a fast-acting sativa known to produce a sense of euphoria before mellowing out after the first hour. 

Growers will recognize it for its ability to flourish even under harsh conditions, making it a great choice for outdoor growing. Just toss your seeds and let the weather do the rest.

A beautiful dagga bud

3. Malawi Gold

As the name suggests, this Southern African sativa strain was originally brought from Malawi but has quickly become a local legend in our home country. 

It holds an average of 17% THC with subtle hints of spicy lemon and pineapple. You can expect a long-lasting high that increases energy levels and appetite and brings relief to symptoms of stress and depression.

4. South African KwaZulu

Brought down by Bantu tribes from Northern Africa, this strain can be found growing freely in the Drakensberg. With an average THC level of 17%, it’s known for its sweet scent and uplifting high. 

Legend has it that Zulu warriors would smoke to lift their spirits and prepare for victory before going into battle. If that’s not enough to convince you of the potency of this strain’s effect, I don’t know what is. 

5. Durban Poison

By far the most popular strain to be found on South African shores, Durban Poison is a household name for weed enthusiasts across the nation and likely across the globe too. It’s even got a brewing company named after it. 

Affectionately dubbed as the “queen of sativas”, this earthy-pine scented strain is the pride and joy of our beloved motherland. The plant itself can grow over 2m tall and has a naturally high THC level, often reaching 24%.

It’s known to boost energy, inspiration, and creativity, making it perfect for passion projects or outdoor adventures.

Wrapping Up The Best Weed In South Africa

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it’s safe to say that our country boasts a decent amount of pretty dank, quality strains. 

Growing the crop serves as an income for rural communities and those who sell and distribute within the cities. This is especially true in the Eastern Cape and Transkei.  

Although we distribute fairly small amounts overseas, we’re the third-largest distributor of cannabis in the African continent, mainly exporting to Europe and the UK. We’re even in the process of planning for a college for cannabis.

Pretty impressive, right?

A cannabis plant in full bloom

Thanks to our excellent climate and partial legalization, South African weed connoisseurs – and those in the rest of the world – get to reap the rewards of many a well-grown strain. Whether you’re a regular buyer or prefer to grow the seeds yourself, with this many quality cannabis plants, you’re sure to experience a high like no other.

If you’re yet to encounter these magical marijuana strains, it’s highly recommended that you put these five on your list.

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