Wacky & Wonderful Weed Pipes For Sale in South Africa 2024

Weed pipes have been puff, puff, passed around for thousands of years. Similar in function and effectiveness to cannabis bongs, they are now an absolute staple in any stoner’s smoke kit. As well as being super easy to clean and transport, you can find some truly weird and wonderful personality pieces.

There’s a huge selection of weed pipes for sale online and in stores. So it’s easy to be caught up in the sheer variety of shape, size, and – most importantly – quality. We’ll cover some of the different types of pipes suited to all sorts of stoners.

Smiling person in a yellow shirt holding several colourful smoking pipes

All Types of Marijuana Pipes

If you’re looking for a pipe for outdoor adventure, you’ll need one that can withstand being knocked around in your bag. Or maybe you’re more of a stay-at-home stoner. In which case you’d prefer a more decorative piece of paraphernalia.

Pipes are low-effort and an easy way to enjoy a quick puff on the go or right at home. Whether you’re looking for a replacement piece or a 420-friendly gift, it’s worth considering where and how the pipe’s going to be most enjoyed. Let’s have a look at our list of favourite tried and tested types of weed pipes.

Cowboy smoking a wooden pipe in the desert
Classic Marijuana Pipes

While early pipes were often made of wood and stone, you can find a lot more options today. Avoid choosing pieces made of plastic or acrylic, as they can be broken down by heat over time, especially the cheaper products. Here are some affordable, classic-style pipes made with quality in mind.
32cm wooden smoking pipe - product image

32cm Wooden Pipe

Here’s a classic pipe for old-school smokers. This sleek and simple wooden pipe has a specific nostalgic experience to them, not to mention they look awesome to smoke. Made from polished wood with a 32cm long stem, this piece isn’t as harsh as stouter wooden pipes. However, it’s still more of a cowboy smoke than what you’ll experience with other materials such as glass.

Steel smoking pipe printed with Bulldog logo - product image
Bulldog Pipe Set

This high-quality metal Bulldog pipe is as tough as the dog it was named after. It also comes with five additional pipe screens which can be used to prevent ash (or small pieces of cannabis flowers) from falling through the marijuana-bowl.

The best thing about this piece is its durability, but its large pipe chamber prevents frequent clogging. It’s also easy to clean because, unlike more fragile pieces, you don’t have to be as delicate while furiously scrubbing stubborn grime.

Black silicon smoking pipe with glass bowl and black honey comb grip pattern - product image
Honey Comb Pipe

Silicone pipes are everywhere, and a really handy alternative for more adventurous stoners. These pipes are pretty much impossible to break, not to mention dishwasher friendly for ultra-convenient cleaning. This honey comb pipe comes with a trippy-looking geometric pattern that doubles as an all-round grip. It’s also equipped with a beautiful glass bowl for an extra-crisp inhale.

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Classic spoon-shaped glass smoking pipe in three sizes and various colours - product image
Classic Glass Pipe

The glass smoking experience rightly has its own category on our list, but is worth mentioning as a classic as well, in our opinion. What stands out in this classic spoon-style glass pipe is its uniqueness and durability. Hand made from thick and sturdy glass, and available in three sizes, each pipe has an individual colour combo and pattern. They’re hardy enough to withstand knocks and deliver a deliciously cool smoke on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

Person smoking a glass blunt in a garden
Graceful Glass Pipes

There’s nothing quite like a delicious terpene-rich pull from a clean, quality glass pipe. Aside from their fragility, glass smoking pipes are a truly luxurious experience. They’re also easily cleaned after an overnight soak in rubbing alcohol which leaves them looking brand new.

52cm green glass Gandalf-style smoking pipe - product image
Gandalf Glass Pipe

This pipe is perfect for a Lord of the Rings fan, or anyone who wants to feel like a wise old wizard while you’re smoking the sacred herb. This delicate showpiece comes with a free stand which is specially designed to show off your new piece of art. It also smokes like a dream thanks to a full 50cm long stem and generously-sized weed bowl. As one of the pricier pieces on our list, the Gandalf glass pipe probably isn’t for the more accident-prone stoners. However, for anyone with a collector’s eye, this pipe is worth the investment.

Mid-century stylized charcoal glass pipe - product image
Dreamliner Charcoal Glass Pipe

This mid-century style Dreamliner charcoal glass pipe is as smooth in style as it is in smoking. What it lacks in stem length it makes up for in curvature – which is specifically designed to catch flyaway bits of ash. This not only keeps those bits out of your smoke but adds a beautiful 50s aesthetic.

Golden twisty glass blunt with water bubbler adapter - product image

Twisty Glass Blunt Water Bubbler Pipe

The twisty glass blunt was originally designed to have the convenience of a vape pen with the experience of smoking a blunt. Except now its design includes a weed bubbler for all the smoothness of a bong hit.

Its chamber holds more than a full gram of ground cannabis which benefits from being medium to finely ground. Its twisty spine rotates in the chamber to push up the unsmoked bud without you having to scrape out the excess. This pipe is portable, practical, and is a genuine crowd-pleaser – a definite investment for a cannabis collector.

Mottled-blue glass smoking pipe with a decorative spider and filled with ground bud

Pipes For Wacky Personalities

Cannabis smokers come in all shapes and sensibilities. While there are plenty of sophisticated smoking devices available for the classy sorts, we haven’t forgotten about the creative types either. These party pieces are perfect for anyone who enjoys their “wacky-tobacky” with a touch of creativity and some timeless pop-culture references.

White silicon smoking pipe shaped like a Stormtrooper - product image
Stormtrooper Smoker – Silicone Pipe

Feel the force with this awesome silicone pipe designed to look like a deadly stormtrooper from the Star Wars series. These infantrymen for the Darkside are a notoriously poor shot in the films, but rest assured that this pipe is a sharp-shooting one-hitter that never misses its mark. It also comes with an easily removable glass bowl and extra smooth finish.

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Pickle Rick Silicon Pipe

Hey Mortyyy! Did you think we’d forget to add the legendary Pickle Rick Pipe to our list? Take your sesh to interdimensional heights with this perfect smoking companion that fits right into the pocket of your lab coat. This piece is a mean, green, butt-kicking machine. It’s also an absolute must-have for your next Rick and Morty Netflix marathon.

Skater sitting with a green glass pipe in hand and board nearby
Choosing Your Perfect Weed Pipe

If you’re looking for a high-tech, customizable smoking experience, you’re probably better off investing in a cannabis vaporizer. If you’re looking for a way to smoke that’s affordable, portable, and possibly adorable, pipes are the choice for you.

There are many to choose between, so consider what purpose you want it for: whether it’s a long-term investment, gift, or decorative piece. Perhaps you just want something that’s easy to clean and lovely to smoke. Although preferably one that survives those times when you stand up forgetting your pipe’s on your lap. Only to forget why you stood up in the first place.

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