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Are you looking where to buy CBD oil for dogs in South Africa? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With so many different CBD oils for dogs, it can be difficult knowing which suppliers to trust.

This post will supply you with a list of stores that offer high-quality CBD products for dogs in South Africa. We’ll be breaking down the different types of CBD you can purchase as well as the top CBD oil products available.

CBD Oil for Dogs

As a dog parent, it is understandable that you may have concerns regarding the effects of CBD oil on dogs. You could be wondering can you give CBD to your dog? Do a bit of research or perhaps visit the vet for a more in-depth understanding.

According to Forbes, a study by Baylor College of Medicine researchers proved that giving CBD to dogs suffering from osteoarthritis can improve their mobility and quality of life. You can read this article here.

So, If your dog suffers from pain or other ailments, give CBD oil a try and witness the results firsthand.


Here’s a detailed rundown on various CBD products you can give to your dog and where you can buy them.


CBD Oil Dog Products in South Africa

South Africa has a wide range of CBD oil products available for dogs. Although the options vary, they all provide the same benefits you have come to expect.

Most of these products are taken orally, while there are topical alternatives available. These can, however, be difficult to administer through your furry friend’s coat.

The oral route is the most convenient option and is the top-selling product from most of the stores we have listed.

Let’s look at the three most common CBD oil products given to dogs.

Note: If you’re considering taking Cannabidiol yourself, check out this post on how to take CBD oil for the latest tips.

CBD Oil Spray for Dogs

The excellent thing about using CBD spray for dogs is that it’s effortless to apply. You can spray the CBD oil directly into your furry friend’s mouth or on their food.

The spray method is excellent for controlling the dosage. Each spray contains the exact same amount of CBD oil, thus reducing overdosing.

Tip: Spraying CBD oil onto your dog’s food is also helpful if your fur buddy is not fond of the force-feeding technique.

CBD Tablets for Dogs

Tablets or pastilles are another great way to administer CBD oil to dogs. The capsule can either be chewed or placed underneath the tongue.

You can expect to experience some challenges with this method as you would need to place the tablet in the dog’s mouth directly.

Tip: Some dog owners use a common technique of crushing up the tablet and mixing it with dog food.


CBD Dog Treats

In addition to cannabidiol, CBD-infused dog treats often also contain calming herbs like passionflower, chamomile, valerian root, and lemon balm.

CBD oil dog treats come in different variations. You can buy your furry friend treats as CBD gummies or biscuits.

This method is one of the easiest ways to give CBD oil to dogs because, just like humans, dogs love snacks.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in South Africa?

Although many brick-and-mortar shops sell pet CBD oil products, they are usually in metropolitan cities. The best way to buy CBD oil products for dogs is online.

South Africa arguably has the best road infrastructure in all of Africa. This has led to a highly sophisticated logistics industry. As a result, South Africans enjoy fast delivery times on their online purchases.

Here’s a list of stores where to buy CBD oil for your fur babies.


Cannabuddy is an e-commerce hub full of information and reviews on all things CBD. The site offers a wide variety of CBD oil products for humans and pets.

Cannabuddy boasts a team of passionate and experienced CBD writers. They pride themselves on delivering quality information and personal reviews about their interactions with CBD and other cannabis products.

The team shares its expertise in cooking, baking, extracting, and using CBD for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Top-selling product:

Cannabuddy 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets


Cannabuddy CBD oil for pets is a full-spectrum CBD product that contains all the beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant. The oil has less than 0,001 % of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This product directly interacts with the pet’s immune and central nervous systems. It promotes control over digestive issues, nausea, mood regulation, and unexplained aggression.

The product contains 600 drops of CBD oil per bottle, each drop containing 1mg. The recommended daily CBD dosage limit is 20mg or 20 drops.


Africanpure is an online CBD products seller based in Cape Town. Not to worry, though, because the store provides free delivery wherever you are based. The store prides itself in offering an array of quality CBD oil products for both humans and pets.

Whether you are looking to use CBD products daily or as a specialised treatment to optimise your health, Africanpure has something suitable for you. The store celebrates the healing qualities of CBD.

Top-selling product:

Africanpure Pets CBD Oil 300mg – 30ml


Africanpure Pets CBD oil is a CBD isolate product. This means that it contains 100% pure CBD with no other compounds of the cannabis plant. The oil also contains fractionated coconut oil.

The CBD oil helps with sleep as well as pain alleviation for pets. The recommended daily dosage is dependent on the size of the pet.

A small dog can get about 10 drops per day, while medium and large dogs can manage 20 and 30 drops, respectively.


The CBDstore boasts itself as South Africa’s most trusted CBD online retailer. The company offers a wide range of over 120 CBD products from Africanpure, Goodleaf, and KoiCBD.

The store prides itself on maintaining high-quality control of its products. CBDstore often conducts random independent tests on the brands they sell.

Top selling product:

Cibapet CBD Oil For Dogs – 200mg


Cibapet CBD oil has a symbiotic relationship with your dog’s endocannabinoid system. The 2% CBD oil maximises the benefits and effects of the product.

In addition to the 2% CBD oil, Cibapet CBD oil for dogs contains vitamin E, fish oil, fiber, and protein. These ingredients support your dog’s fur and digestive health and help maintain its energy levels.

Cibapet CBD oil relieves anxiety, nausea, pain, and gastrointestinal tract disorders.


Zootly is an e-commerce site that provides information and products about everything that has to do with cannabis.

On the site, you can find everything you need from smoking and growing accessories to CBD edibles, topicals, and graphic art.

Top selling product:

Zootly Pet CBD Roast Chicken 300mg


Zootly Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is locally produced to meet strict quality and safety standards. The oil is made from CBD extract, MCT oil, and coconut oil.

The broad-spectrum CBD oil is THC free, and should only be consumed orally. The oil comes in a unique chicken roast flavour.

All Zootly oils come with a spray applicator for easy administration and rapid absorption. The 30ml should always be stored in a cool area, away from direct light.

Taste of Cannabis

Taste of Cannabis is an online cannabis retailer that prides itself on sourcing and producing high-quality cannabis food, drinks, and cosmetic products.

The store is a division of CannaFoodsAfrica Pty Ltd, a privately held company that aims to provide customers with the opportunity to experience the benefits of cannabis products.

The company undertakes exorbitant research, development, and due diligence processes that allow it to select suppliers and manufacturers that meet its quality standards.

Top selling product:

PETS Isolate Oil – 300mg CBD


Taste of Cannabis’ PETS Isolate Oil consists of a tailor-made CBD isolate extract, terpenes, and other natural products like turmeric. The vanilla flavoured oil promotes calmness and pain relief for dogs.

The PETS isolate oil contains 99.5% cannabidiol and 0% THC.

The dosage depends on the weight of your dog. Dogs that weigh 5 to 9kg may be given two to eight drops a day. You can start with a lower dosage and then proceed to increase it as you see fit.

Take note that the oil is not suitable for pregnant or lactating dogs.

Faithful To Nature

Faithful to Nature is an online retailer that provides ethical and toxin-free products to ordinary people. The store sells various CBD oil products from different manufacturers, including Africanpure.

The eco-friendly company prides itself in strengthening its ingredient policy, reducing its carbon footprint, and expanding its social impact.

Top-selling product:

Vondi’s Pet CBD Oil 50mg


Vondi’s Pet CBD Oil is entirely carbon dioxide-free. The product is a vegan-friendly and 100% natural supplement that contains 0% THC. Vondi’s pet CBD oil combines CBD extract and cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

The oil is a low-dosage CBD supplement that helps with sleep, anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, and pain.

The product contains 50mg of CBD oil and a net volume of 50ml. The recommended dosage is also dependent on the size of the pet.

Cost of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil products vary in price, depending on the quality and quantity of CBD used. The quantity is usually written as  CBD oil in milligrams (mg). CBD oils with a higher mg are more pricey than those with lower mg.

The average price of CBD oil in South Africa starts at around R240 for a 10ml bottle with 100mg of CBD. You can find the full-spectrum CBD oil at Clicks.

Depending on the daily dosage that you administer to your dog, a 10ml bottle can last between one to three weeks.

Closing Remarks

There are many online and brick-and-mortar stores where you can buy the best CBD oil for dogs and other pets.

If you’ve ever wondered, “where can I buy CBD oil for dogs in store” you can find CBD products online or in most pharmacies. If you can’t find the product on the shelves, it’s probably at the self-medication section at the back of the store.

CBD products are legal in South Africa, and you can purchase them without needing a prescription. However, some parameters govern the sale of CBD products, which have been fully defined by SAHPRA.

Whether your furry friend needs CBD for anxiety, inflammation, or sleeplessness, you’ll find a store that matches your (and their) needs.


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