5 Best Dab Strains of 2024 Reviewed

The growing reputation of cannabis has paved the way we see the plant. Many have different preferences and needs when it comes to consuming the bud. We’ve been using dab rigs for decades, but with the increase of knowledge on hand and scientific testing, people are starting to understand and appreciate the benefits of marijuana.

Dabbing has also gained attention for becoming a new way of experiencing your high. Not only is it a more profound high, but it’s also a more intensified way of tasting the flavours each strain holds.

The method is a milestone for people using cannabis recreationally or for medical and therapeutic purposes. With countless extraction methods and high-quality cannabis strains, dabbings popularity has boosted cannabis’s already positive fame.

In this review, you’ll find the top strains that produce the tastiest, finest dabs to up your cannabis adventure and all the knowledge that comes with it.

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What is Dabbing?

Dabs are highly concentrated doses of cannabis and offer a more potent high at a quicker pace. By process of extraction, THC and other cannabinoids create a sticky substance that we call dabs.

Let’s start by saying that there may be some underlying precautions when it comes to the extraction process. Knowledge is vital in this regard, and safety measures need to be taken. The worst-case scenario is causing a flammable explosion.

Producing concentrates should be left to a professional who has skilled knowledge of hydrocarbons, such as propane or butane.

But all seriousness aside, dabbing can be a safe and pure experience of cannabis. Immediate and effective pain, anxiety, or extreme nausea relief are some of the added perks to feeling the high that comes with dabs.

Take it easy if you’re not a seasonal smoker, they kick a huge punch, and you may end up a little higher than expected.

Different Kind of Dabs and Their Benefits

So dabbing has been around for a while now, but there seems to be an explosion in terms of selection and variety of dabs. And the different kinds of dabs are created by numerous ways of extraction.

Wax strains

Wax strains are one of the sticker kinds of dabs, usually handled with a dab tool and smoked from a water pipe or vape. It’s recognized for having  a yellowish-brown colour and wax-like consistency.

Shatter strains

One form of butane hash oil which leaves the concentrate in a glass-like state, and as the name suggests, it’ll most likely be shattered into tiny pieces. The best shatter is clear, solid, and smooth, but you do get some that are a bit more on the sticky side.


One of the most popular forms today, purely because of how easy it is to produce. Anyone can create rosin simply by pressing a dried bud on some parchment paper and using a hair straightener to extract the oil. It’ll resemble oil, or a shatter strain styled concentrate.

Crumble hash

When butane hash oil is vacuumed or whipped, it creates a kind of crumble that can be broken down and added to your pipe or dab rig. Also said to be the best hash.

Benefits of the dabs:

  • An exciting way to consume cannabis
  • Boost up your mood
  • Some strains aid in chronic pain and anxiety
  • Reduces the risk of some lung damage
  • Experience the full flavour of your strain

The 5 Best Strains for Concentrates

Dabs preserve a lot of flavour, so selecting the right strain will leave you scoring big time. Overall it’s a pretty magical experience of cannabis, and strains full in flavour add to this ordeal.

Below are some of the top strains bursting with flavour and that irresistible aroma cannabis holds.

1. Gelato OG

With a delicious, mouth-watering taste, Gelat. OG is a combination of the two most sought out strains, Gelato and OG Kush. Not only does it yield a delectable taste, but it also releases a happy yet potent feeling.

The flavour and aroma of the strains give off sweet citrus and earthy notes, a product of the piney, lemony scent of the famous OG Kush.

THC production is potent, producing 25% THC with a low CBD %. The effects leave you feeling profoundly relaxed, and in a state of extreme happiness, a great feature for first-time dabbers and those you don’t smoke often.

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2. Candyland

Packing a punch, but generally good for stimulating social interactions, Candyland comes from a 75% Sativa and 25% Indica heritage. Along with being a socially friendly strain, it’s also a therapeutic cannabis strain. The strain leaves the smoker with ease of chronic pain, muscle relaxation, and overall mood improvement.

It’s got a sweet and smooth hit, carrying sweet notes, combined with spiced and earthy undertones. With strain holding anywhere between 22% to 29% THC, the dab concentration retains all the goodness cannabis yields.

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3. Badazz OG Cheese

Badazz OG Cheese is known globally for its insanely badass taste, OG and cheese strains are legendary classics. The combined aromas leave you tasting spiced and herbal flavours, strong, but so delicious.

The strain harvests a high quantity of terpenes, making it an excellent strain for dab extractions. With a THC level of 15% to 20%, it’ll retain a lot of the benefits. Embrace the energetic and euphoric feelings that come with the smoke.

4. Sour Diesel Haze

Sour Diesel Haze is the baby of Automatic Haze and New York City Diesel – A top choice for all the Haze lovers.  The smell from the strain represents both the parents. The sweet Haze is the perfect partner for the fruity and bitter tang of the sour diesel.

A small amount goes a long way when using this strain for dabs. Keep quantities low if you’re testing the strain out, because a little goes a long way. High doses occasionally lead to anxiety, but it’s a perfect option for regular smokers.

5. Lemonchello Haze

The name says it all. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting the traditional Italian limoncello, you’ll immediately recognize the lemony tang. The Super Lemon strain has travelled all the way from Italy and crossed with Amnesia, creating no better combination.

Along with the pleasant lemony flavour, you’ll enjoy the euphoric feeling that hits you pretty soon after smoking. The actual bud produces dense, hard pockets of little hairs that hold plenty of resin for the best extraction.

Final Thoughts

Dabbing has the power to change your smoking experience completely. With all that flavour sitting in the weed, it often gets neglected by smoking through bongs or tobacco joints. Instead of letting the delicious flavour go to waste, dabs preserves the taste and offers pure and clean ingestion of your weed.

It’s also a chance to feel the power that a tiny bud holds. Enjoy the joyful high and euphoric feelings that come with smoking dabs in a fresh, unique way.

Due to the current laws surrounding cannabis, you will still need to grow your own bud if you want to make dabs. Find the best grow lights in South Africa, set up your tent, and get growing – you’ll be smoking delicious dabs in no time.

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